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What can I do if my flight arrives late?

Nobody likes delays, but they are sometimes inevitable. If your flight arrives late, you do not have to worry. As part of our service, we always monitor your landing time.

How long can the driver wait for me?

After landing, we will wait for you up to 2 hours. If there is no contact made within the 2 hours, we will pull our driver out. This means you will be charged for full taxi fare. To avoid these charges, please contact us before the transfer occurs.

What do I do if I’m unable to find my driver?

For immediate assistance, please give us a call: +44 20 3488 2544 if you are unable to locate your driver.

How will I pay for my journey?

Travel payment is pretty simple. You can either pay by cash or using your card (PayPal). Note that cash payments should be made directly to your driver and need to be in British pounds only.

What happens next if I complete filling my booking form?

After you complete filling your booking form, you will receive an email confirming your booking. The booking confirmation will include your job number and a full outline of your journey. It’s only after you have received this booking confirmation that you’ll be sure you have booked a car.

Is it mandatory that all bookings be made in advance?

Booking in advance helps avoid disappointment during your arrival. We strongly advise you to book in advance.

If my flight is cancelled or delayed by the airline, will I incur extra charges?

No, you will not incur any extra charges. This is because we always keep track of your flight landing time; thus, we will be aware of any cancellations or delays. We will use the new landing time to dispatch our driver.

How will I locate my driver upon arrival?

Our driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. He  will be holding your name card.

Will I be sharing the taxi with other people?

No, we do not run a shared taxi service.

Do you provide 24 hours service?

Yes, our driver will meet you at any time; both day and night.

What is 'Meet & Greet' service, and how does it work?

“Meet and Greet” service is where your driver picks you up from the airport terminal by holding a sign that has your name on it.

Is it possible to cancel or amend my booking? How can I do it?

Yes, you can amend or cancel your booking whenever you want, but before the travel date. All you have to do is call or send us a message.

Is the transfer fare fixed?

Yes, our fares are always fixed and don’t depend on weather, traffic or any other factors.

How does the booking procedure work?

Booking is easy and straightforward. You can make your booking over the phone or online. For online reservation, please use our Online Booking Form. For over the phone booking, please contact us at +44 20 3488 2544